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What does Devium offer? #2 Decentralized DevOps Platform

The world of independent software!

DeviLab is a decentralized blockchain DevOps platform. It is also a cross platform where you can develop and test both your Web2 and Web3 based projects.

Although the DevOps platforms used today meet our needs, we still have doubts about how much our privacy is protected. Are we sure that our source codes that we store on these platforms that are affiliated with an organization are not monitored? We are not quite sure! That’s why Devium is designed for all developers.

We also have to use some integrations for business continuity and management while using all existing DevOps platforms. And we know that makes us a little tired. Devium has gathered all your needs in one platform!

So what does DeviLab offer you?

Be Independent – Own Your Privacy You own the code you wrote on the blockchain! This platform has no owner that’s why big brother is not watching you.

DevOps Platform With the Web3-based decentralized development platform, you are now independent!

Cross Platform It allows to develop both Web2 and Web3 based projects with Devium. It also allows testing the developed projects.

Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) You can use DeviumAPI as a service on Web3.

Test Environment It allows developing and publishing docker images directly, in addition to all the features of traditional DevOps platforms.

Web3 Deployment Devium allows you to publish projects that you create on Web2 to Web3.

Project Management Devium offers all the management tools you will need when managing a project.