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Stay Safe, Develop Freely, Earn Money!

The software industry has become more and more important every day. More than half of our daily needs consist of technological solutions. That’s why the security of the software is gaining so much importance. This is exactly why the idea for Devium was born!

What do we need for a safer and fairer development environment?

Let’s start from the top first. Central authorities have already violated our privacy with the power they hold in their hands. Even if we don’t realize it in our daily life, this is the case. So how do we transcend authority? The answer is decentralization.

Let’s look at how we created this decentralized and fair development world.

Protecting repositories with Private Keys!

We enable users to enter the platform with their digital wallets. For this reason, they protect their own repository with a private key before writing the first line of code. In this way, they prevent unauthorized access. At the same time, they can give access to the people they want to work with with their own consent.

Ownership of source code!

In addition to preventing unauthorized access to the source code, the Devium platform can also detect the uniqueness of the source code with the AI it has developed. In this way, it gives all users the right to license its uniquely proven source code with NFT. Thus, while preventing unauthorized commercial use, it only provides NFT owners with the right to access and use it.

No need to hide! You can safely monetize the source code!

Devium provides a marketplace for its users who license the source code with NFT, where they can monetize. This marketplace aims to be not only a trading environment but also the world’s largest advanced software library. We believe that the software world will develop faster with licensed and protected source codes, and we spend all our effort in this area.