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What does Devium offer? #1 Code Licensing via NFT

Prevent unauthorized sharing and unfair profits with licensing!

Devium allows you to license all your source code and digital assets with NFT. With licensing, you can protect the digital assets that you produce, and you can sell licenses or give them the right to use. Thus, you can prevent your digital assets from being stolen and copied. At the same time, you can make a profit by turning what you produce into a commercial material.

Why do we think this is necessary? After submitting the codes and digital assets they created for a business, developers often have to transfer them together with their rights. They have difficulty proving their own in later uses and collaborations. That’s why Devium offers a platform for developers to easily convert their source code and digital assets to NFT and license whatever assets they want. And while enabling all these processes, it controls the uniqueness of the product.

How we license? We check the uniqueness of your code and license it by converting it to NFT.

How we check? With Devium licensing engine, we detect that your code is different from the codes previously converted to NFT.

Proof of Stake Prove that the software you produce is yours and take control!

Proof of Work Prove that you are behind the service you provide with licensing!