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Licence & Monetize Source Code

All Tools in One Single Platform

Get 100% Security & Privacy

No Worries About Ownership

Open source libraries turn into revenue-generating marketplace

We transform open source libraries into a marketplace where developers can monetize their source codes. You can license your source code and sell it as NFT on the Devium marketplace.

All the tools you need on one single platform!

We must be sure of your privacy and security! That’s why we gathered all the tools you need in the software development process on a single platform. This platform also both Web2 & Web3 compatible.

Get "Early Access" with #DeviLopers Program

We are launching the strongest movement for the change and transformation of the software world! Apply now to take your place and take advantage of the benefits.


Token Full Name: Devium Token
Ticker: DEVI
Blockchain: ERC20
Decimal: 18
Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000 
Initial Market Cap: $492,000

Our Roadmap

What we have done in the past and what we plan for the future… Explore Devium’s long-running adventure in detail. 

Our Founders

Founders of Devium are experienced software development and blockchain industry professionals passionate about giving developers the best tools for freedom, independence and wealth.

Our Advisors

Our expert advisors who support us in investment, business development and all other issues in our successful journey. If you want to be among our consultants, contact us!

Arvydas Jurevičius


Guilherme Jovanovic


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