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Your Source Code is Now in Your Wallet!

To date, we have witnessed millions of open source code save lives and become a supporter for entrepreneurs to develop their projects. When you enter a library with open source codes, you can easily access the solution of many problems that seem “insignificant” or “small”. But have you ever looked from the developer’s window?

You develop and publish open source code because…

For example, you write a code to login with Facebook and publish it as open source. So why work for free to make other people’s lives easier? Because you have to prove yourself. And as a result of this proof, you are waiting for potential customers who will return to you. It’s a long and unfair road! That’s why Devium developed a technology without isolating small, medium or large developers.

Let’s dream!

Drop everything for a second and start dreaming with us. We will tell you three different scenarios.
  1. You are a freelance developer, you are talented and you want to turn the codes you have developed with these skills into money. You connect to the Devium platform with your wallet, create your project, complete your development. And then for a small fee, you can license the source code and sell it as NFTs as you wish. Don’t worry! 100% of your source code is not open source and cannot be copied. 😉
  2. You are a company that provides software services. You are developing a project for a client, but your client does not want you to develop a similar project for anyone else. Then you know exactly what to do! 😊 Create a project, create a single-use license and sell it to your customer at the value they deserve! So happy on both sides!
  3. You are a company and you need software service. But you have a trust problem with developers. Then you log in to Devium with your wallet, create your project, become the owner of the project before it even starts! Invite people you want to collaborate with, but retain ownership.

Although the current software development world seems to meet all needs, there are many downsides. Because today’s world is changing. You wouldn’t expect us to just sit in our seats while this change was taking place, would you? 😉